Why Vote for James Stuckrad

I am asking for your vote this fall so i can represent you! My mission is get the peoples business done! Our current representative likes to talk, talk, talk! I prefer action! You should base your vote this November on what your current representative has done or not done for you the past four years while in office. If you are satisfied with his voting record (available for review on the City of Vista’s website in the minutes of previous meetings) then by all means vote for him. If you do not like what has been going on in your city then I represent the change you have been asking for. I know you do not know me, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and put your trust in someone new. You know what you currently have and if you are not happy with your current leadership then please vote for me and give me a chance to prove myself to you, I will not let you down! I promise!

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