“We need somebody on the council who is honest and smart…that being you!

Joni C

“James, thank you so much for the help that you’ve give in helping direct us in how/where to speak up. Even though I am not allowed to vote for your seat on the council, I think that you are someone who would do the city a world of good to have you in office. Thank you for positive contributions and your exemplary sense of community.”

Tanja F

“I have known James for a few years now. He is always very knowledgeable about the community¬† and the frustrations of the residents here in Vista. If I have a question about an issue he is always willing to learn about the issue and come up with good solutions to take care of that issue. He seems to know the pulse of the residents in Vista. The council members currently serving seem to only brush off those concerns. I feel he will be an asset and will help strengthen our community instead of tear it down. Currently our great city is going thru massive growth and the council members serving are not recognizing that with that growth the infrastructure needs to also grow. James sees this as an important issue and is actively looking for solutions to make sure we, the residents of Vista, are safe in our communities. James isn’t just someone that Vista should want. James is someone Vista desperately needs. He has my vote.

Cynthia B

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