Public Safety

At a recent city council meeting (June 12th) our representatives stated that crime is at near record lows in Vista, well, tell that to all the people who are having to deal with all the vehicle break ins and vandalism in the Shadowridge area… so they decided to hire two new code enforcement officers with the $300,000 + surplus projected for 2018/19’s operating budget instead of hiring a new Sheriff’s Deputy. Our current District 4 representative says he has been trying to get new deputies since he was elected nearly four years ago. Well, apparently Mr. Franklin has not tried hard enough as no new deputies were hired since he took office. Some officials like to talk, but actions speak louder than words! I am committed to hiring as many deputies as we need to make sure we, the people and our property are safe! With innovative outside the box thinking we can change our fiscal behavior and get what we really need!

When I am elected, the status quo will be no more! We will fund the departments that need to be funded based on what is needed and not put our money into other unnecessary projects before public safety! I was told a few years ago to always listen to your experts, I will do that and together we all will make Vista a better and safer community to live, work and play!

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