I’m Listening

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the South Vista Communities Organization for inviting me and all the other candidates to be at their booth at the Vista Farmers Market today. As I was the only candidate to attend it gave me the opportunity to speak first hand to each and every one of you. Believe me when I say I hear the frustration in your voices with our current elected officials. A lot of what I heard today are the same concerns that you voiced in the 2016 election and it seems like very little has changed! We do not need politicians who are all talk and NO action,we need a person like myself who will take action and get things done! After all, when you elect me to represent you this November, that is exactly what I will do, represent YOU! This is your city and I will be working for you! Please vote James Stuckrad for Vista City Council, District 4 on November 6th and TOGETHER we will get things accomplished!

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