After much research, hearing from people who use medicinal cannabis, reviewing studies I am in favor of medicinal cannabis use. Recently, the FDA approved medicinal cannabis for certain people who suffer from seizures. More FDA approvals are expected soon. The dispensaries that operate in other cities are very secure and you must have authorization forms for use from a doctor and a valid ID needs to be shown to gain admittance to a locked room where the cannabis is kept. Prop Z will require this same type of security, along with guards and video surveillance. No consumption will be allowed to take place on the premises.What I have found out is people are purchasing this from legal and illegal sources. Patients are going to other cities and bringing it back to their Vista home. Other cities are profiting and Vista is spending money to shut the illegal businesses down. From a financial aspect, Vista is estimated to receive $1.3 million dollars a year (I believe this may be a conservative estimate) that can be used to hire five new Sheriffs Patrol Deputies or a purchase a new mobile intensive care ambulance with new paramedics that I would want to operate out of fire station 5 on South Melrose. Vista is financially challenged and does not generate enough revenue to provide everything its residents are asking for. Revenue from this industry is expected to grow in coming years as more doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis over addicting pain killing drugs. As Vista generates more revenue, we can fund more programs for seniors, parks and recreation activities and events in our district and so much more. Prop Z is by no means perfect but it is a start. Prop Z is for medicinal cannabis only and does not include approval for recreational store fronts.

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