During my campaign for the District 4 Vista City Council seat I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some of Vista’s talented artists. I must admit before this I really didn’t appreciate art, but now I have remarkable appreciation for all the talented artists that Vista has to offer. When elected, I will work with these talented local artists to bring even more artwork to Vista. Hang in there artists change is coming! Vote James Stuckrad for Vista City Council District 4


After much research, hearing from people who use medicinal cannabis, reviewing studies I am in favor of medicinal cannabis use. Recently, the FDA approved medicinal cannabis for certain people who suffer from seizures. More FDA approvals are expected soon. The dispensaries that operate in other cities are very secure and you must have authorization forms for use from a doctor and a valid ID needs to be shown to gain admittance to a locked room where the cannabis is kept. Prop Z will require this same type of security, along with guards and video surveillance. No consumption will be allowed to take place on the premises.What I have found out is people are purchasing this from legal and illegal sources. Patients are going to other cities and bringing it back to their Vista home. Other cities are profiting and Vista is spending money to shut the illegal businesses down. From a financial aspect, Vista is estimated to receive $1.3 million dollars a year (I believe this may be a conservative estimate) that can be used to hire five new Sheriffs Patrol Deputies or a purchase a new mobile intensive care ambulance with new paramedics that I would want to operate out of fire station 5 on South Melrose. Vista is financially challenged and does not generate enough revenue to provide everything its residents are asking for. Revenue from this industry is expected to grow in coming years as more doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis over addicting pain killing drugs. As Vista generates more revenue, we can fund more programs for seniors, parks and recreation activities and events in our district and so much more. Prop Z is by no means perfect but it is a start. Prop Z is for medicinal cannabis only and does not include approval for recreational store fronts.

Return Local Government to the People

I believe local government should listen to the people. That’s exactly my plan. When you elect me to represent YOU, the people of Vista, I will have very open communications between the residents of Vista and myself including frequent town hall meetings to let me know what’s on your mind, open and honest communications in person, by phone, text email orvia social media. I will always present you with all the facts, listen to what you have to say and vote according to the will of the people. This election is not about me or what I want, but it is about YOU and what you want for YOUR city. TOGETHER we can and will build the Vista it’s residents truly want!

2018 Mid Year Crime Report

At the August 14th Vista City Council Meeting, the commander of the Vista Sheriffs Office gave a presentation to council and one of the items reported was that out of twenty eight jurisdictions within San Diego County,Vista ranked eighteenth (one being the lowest crime rate and twenty-eighth being the highest).This is NOT acceptable! We can and WILL do better under my leadership! One of the reasons I believe we are in the bottom half is because Vista currently has only eighty-three Deputies. Our elected officials have failed to increase funding for more Deputies for years all the while continuing to approve new housing construction increasing our population and making it even more difficult for our hard working Deputies to keep up with call volume. The Deputies have had to change from proactive policing to a reactive policing policy. Time to put public safety ahead of unnecessary projects!