Proposition Z

Ive been asked by many people lately my thoughts on Proposition Z (Cannabis Dispensaries in Vista) and after much research, hearing from people who use medicinal Cannabis and many studies on this I’ve determined that Proposition Z will not only bring needed benefits to the people who need this but potentially millions of dollars to the City of Vista. People who use this product will find ways to obtain it whether legally or illegally and bring it to their Vista home. Purchasing medicinal cannabis will generate revenue for other cities and leave Vista with nothing. The FDA recently approved some forms of Cannabis for certain illnesses and more approvals are expected on the Federal level. This medication can help people reduce their seizures and tremors and give them the opportunity to have an as normal life as possible.

Now for the revenue aspect. Vista does not generate enough revenue to operate as it needs to. Expected revenue from these dispensaries could be in the millions of dollars and provide for the hiring of much needed Sheriffs Patrol Deputies, purchasing a new mobile intensive care ambulance and staff it with six paramedics that I would like to see operated out of Fire Station 5 on South Melrose Drive, additional revenue could also be used to improve our Senior Center and its programming such as Meals on Wheels for Seniors who need meals delivered to their homes, Parks and Recreation could use additional revenue to increase their programming including more activities in District 4 and revenue increases to the cities general fund could be used for so many other things.

If the voters approve Proposition Z, I will work to implement the desire of the voters.