My name is James Stuckrad and I am running for the Vista City Council to represent YOU the people of Vista. Currently our elected officials do not seem to be listening to the wants and needs of our residents. I want you to know that I am listening! I hear you loud and clear! We need new leadership in Vista, someone who will work for the people, instead of the people working for our elected officials!

My top priorities include Public Safety, I will work hard to insure the Sheriffs Department and Vista Fire Department has the staff and equipment it needs to provide a safe environment for our residents. We need to stop adding new condos, apartments and commercial buildings until our infrastructure catches up with all the growth we have experienced the past few years under our current leadership. I would also like to preserve what little open space we have left and improve our existing parks and trails. I would also like to see a satellite library for south vista as well as other recreational activities for our children and adults. I will work with other organizations to provide resources to address the concerns of the increasing homeless population as well as to provide the homeless with a place to call home, receive the treatment and/or counseling they need to get back on their feet including job placement services.

We need new voices and new representation on our city council now more than ever! My promise to you is that I will listen to you, then follow through and deliver for the people of Vista! But I need your help to accomplish this, please vote for James Stuckrad this November and let your voices be heard!


James Stuckrad